Welcome to Papa Bear Trivia!

Papa Bear Trivia was founded in Memphis in July 2021. It is the only LGBTQIA+-owned trivia company in Memphis. Trivia clearly transcends the boundaries of sexuality, gender, and identity, but having a place where community members can be themselves and play trivia is our goal.

Papa Bear Trivia wants to expand into other locations, which would require us to grow our staff. Ideally, we’d have several locations around Memphis on most nights of the week where trivia is available. For that, we’ll need clients that want to host trivia and provide prizes, trivia hosts, question writers, designers, accountants, and probably many other jobs as we grow.

One day we’ll be able to host tournaments of all the best players in a region and award significant cash and prizes. For now, though, we’re a small company looking to grow. We’re happy to have you on board.

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