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Papa Bear Trivia is always looking to expand the team. As we add additional trivia locations, we need dedicated hosts who can host trivia on the same night (or nights) every week. A good trivia host has charisma, has the ability to think on their feet, and is willing and able to engage with the audience.

If you’d like to speak to us about hosting trivia, visit one of Shawn’s trivia shows. He’ll be happy to speak to you either before or after the show about hosting. Or you can email us at If you decide this is something you’d like to try, you’ll be given a chance to audition to be a host.

What Papa Bear Trivia provides
  • One official T-shirt for hosting
  • All of the files you need to host trivia
  • If needed for your location, a portable speaker and microphone
  • Answer booklets
  • A weekly salary based on the location at which you are hosting
What you provide
  • A PC that can use a spreadsheet program (either Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc)
  • Access to a printer to print out answer sheet blanks, the questions, and the half-time sheets
  • A sparkling personality, the ability to think on your feet, and being willing to engage with your audience

If hosting isn’t for you, maybe you’d like to write questions instead; we’re also always looking for help in that arena. All questions will be fact-checked by staff at Papa Bear Trivia. You’ll have to agree to let us know at which location you play trivia (if you do) so that we can ensure trivia is fair for everyone whether they work for us or not! We pay by the question, with bonuses if you come up with mystery themes. We also pay for developing half-time sheets. If you’re interested in writing for us, email us at

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