How does Papa Bear Trivia work?

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Papa Bear Trivia is general trivia split into four rounds of five questions each. 


For each round, you’ll have a one-point, three-point, five-point, seven-point, and nine-point wager to use. You don’t have to assign a wager to a particular question until you’ve heard the question, allowing you to assign higher wagers to questions you know and smaller wagers to questions you don’t know. Once you’ve used a wager, you can’t re-use it in the same round. You may want to save wagers until later questions in the round, depending on your team’s knowledge.

If you get the question correct, the wager will be added to your score. If you get the question wrong, no points will be added. Some questions will have a bonus, generally two points. It is possible to earn the bonus without earning the wager. 

Scoring updates will be announced at the end of each regular round of play and after the half-time sheet. The half-time sheet comes between rounds two and three. There is no wagering on the half-time sheet, it’s just an opportunity to earn twenty points.

Half Time Sheet

Between rounds two and three there will be a half-time sheet. You cannot wager on the half-time sheet; it is merely an opportunity for your team to earn twenty extra points. There is typically a picture half and a puzzle half of the sheet. 

Final Wager

At the end of Round Four, the scores and the topic for the final question of the night will be announced. Each team will wager between zero and twenty points on the final question. For this question, if your team gets the answer correct, the wager will be added to your score. If your team gets the question wrong, the wager will be deducted from your score. The highest score wins.  


The winning team always receives the opportunity to name the category for the first question of the next installment of trivia at this location. First and second-place teams will also typically receive a prize, provided by the venue, in the form of gift cards. Each location has its own rules about prizes. If you have questions about a particular location, ask a staff member there.  


In the event of a tie, the teams that are tied will be asked a single question. Only teams that are tied in a way that affects prizes are eligible for this tiebreaker. The tiebreaker will be a question that has a numerical answer. Whichever team is the closest will be declared the winner of the tiebreaker round. ‘The Price Is Right’ rules are not in effect; it doesn’t matter if you team is higher or lower, as long as you are the closest.  


This is pub trivia, played in a bar for modest prizes. There is no tournament of champions or lightning round. Winning trivia will not affect your life in any meaningful way. The final decision is the sole right of the trivia host.

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